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About Us

Rachel, Founder of Honestly Raw Beauty

Thank you for visiting Honestly Raw Beauty! I fell in love with skin care and taking care of my skin as a teenager after suffering from acne and ultra sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Over the years, after trying everything under the sun from prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments, and expensive prestige brands, I didn't get much relief and they just didn't do much for my skin. I was tired of using chemicals to help relieve my symptoms, but I also couldn’t find natural products that actually worked. So in my quest to help solve my skin issues, I started experimenting with natural formulas that worked to relieve my symptoms without the irritation I got from other products. My first two creations were the Oat Milk Sugar Scrub and Oat Milk Cream. I was so amazed how my skin just LOVED these formulas! The flare-ups on my hands and neck improved after just a few days. I was so excited and wanted to share my creations with others who also suffer from sensitive skin conditions. So, Honestly Raw Beauty was born! :)

My professional background is in beauty. For over a decade, I worked in the corporate beauty industry developing skin care and hair care products for major brands. I’ve since turned over a new leaf, exclusively developing handcrafted, natural products in my home in California. With my experience and wealth of insider knowledge, I hope to give you exceptional skin care that works for your unique skin. I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life and happy you can share in it.


Founder of Honestly Raw Beauty